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Age Ranges & Catchment Area


Age Range

The UTC is available for young people in Year 10, 11, 12 and 13. Students can only transfer at the end of Year 9 or Year 11. 

From September 2019, Waterfront UTC will admit students from Year 9. 

The UTC is not currently available for students in Years 7, 8 and 9, but will carry out activities and session for young people to sample the UTC style of education before deciding whether to apply for Year 10 or 12.

Catchment Area

Zone A – 30%

Rochester, Strood and Hoo Peninsula areas of Medway; Gravesham Borough Council and areas west of Medway.

DA110, DA117, DA118, DA119, DA121, DA122, DA123, DA124, DA125, DA130, DA139, ME1 1, ME2 1, ME2 2, ME2 3, ME2 4, ME3 0, ME3 7, ME3 8, ME3 9

Zone B – 30%

Gillingham and Rainham areas of Medway; Swale Borough Council and areas east of Medway.

ME101, ME102, ME103, ME104, ME105, ME7 1, ME7 2, ME7 4, ME8 0, ME8 6, ME8 7, ME8 8, ME8 9, ME9 7, ME9 8

Zone C – 30%

Chatham and Walderslade areas of Medway; Maidstone Borough Council and areas south of Medway.

ME1 2, ME1 3, ME141, ME142, ME143, ME144, ME145, ME150, ME156, ME157, ME158, ME159, ME160, ME168, ME169, ME171, ME173, ME174, ME185, ME194, ME195, ME196, ME206, ME207, ME4 3, ME4 4, ME4 5, ME4 6, ME5 0, ME5 7, ME5 8, ME5 9, ME6 5, ME7 3, ME7 5, TN157, TN158, TN159

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