Through the careers programme delivered during company time, personal development time and PSHCE days, Waterfront UTC students develop a deeper understanding of what employability means and how they can develop and sell their personal strengths.

Here are some helpful reminders and tips:

  1. Research the job market and sectors
    Use the links on our STEM Jobs page, or other website listed on our useful links page to understand the different sectors and jobs available – What kind of roles are out there? What do these roles involved? Where in the country are these jobs? How many jobs are there in your local area? How much money do you earn? What qualifications are needed?
  1. Know what employers are looking for
  1. Get connectedUse your ULAS and LinkedIn profiles to set up your professional online presence and to connect with industry.
  1. Know yourself
    Use tools like the buzz test (icould.com), the skills wheel from your PDP books to identify where your strengths are and what you can offer to an employer.
  1. Have a CV and Personal Statement
    Use your ULAS account to help you build a generic CV, as well as CVs that are tailored to specific industries and roles. Format your CV in so that it is clear and concise (no more than 2 sides of A4).
  2. Preparing for interview
    Most importantly research the company and role you are applying for – know who they are, what they do, what the role involves and why you want to work for them. Secondly, PRACTISE! There are lots of common questions that are likely to be asked, make sure you have prepared answers for these using the STAR technique:
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