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Local Academy Board

The Local Academy Board of Waterfront UTC:

  • Fiona McLean (Head of School)
  • David Giles (Trust Appointed Chair of Governors)
  • Dr Stuart Ashenden (Sponsor - Vice-Chair of Governors)
  • Dorothy Kamusoko (Parent)
  • James Whittaker (Sponsor)
  • Clive Barker (Trust Appointed)

Terms of Reference for the Local Academy Board can be found here.

To contact Waterfront UTC’s Chair of Governors please email: t.kington@waterfront-that.org.uk

For details of the Members and Directors of The Howard Academy Trust, please click here.

Diversity Indicators

A link to our 2023-2024 THAT Governance Diversity Indicators can be found here.


Name Relevant Business & Pecuniary Interests (including governance roles in other education institutions) Attendance record at meetings for the academic year ('22-'23)
Fiona McLean (Head of School)
Appointed: 19/04/2022
Martin McLean: Husband - Director of Specialism at Waterfront UTC 4 of 4
David Giles (Trust Appointed)
Appointed: 28/09/20

The Howard Academy Trust: Director
Deanwood Primary: Chair/Trust Appointed Governor
Deanwood Primary School PTA

3 of 4
Dr Stuart Ashenden (Sponsor)
Appointed: 01/04/19
University of Greenwich: Employment
Membership: Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers; Faculty Operating Officer, Faculty of Engineering and Science, University of Greenwich
4 of 4
Dorothy Kamusoko (Parent Governor)
Appointed: 04/02/21
None Declared 4 of 4
James Whittaker (Sponsor)
Appointed: 25/07/22

Business - Peel Land and Property Company Director: Bexton Croft 1 Limited, Bexton Croft 2 Limited, City Airport Limited, Clydeport Properties Limited, Glasgow Harbour (Byron Street) Limited, Glasgow Harbour Developments Limited, Glasgow Harbour Limited, Glasgow Harbour Management Limited, James Watt Dock LLP, Liverpool Airport Hotel Limited, Liverpool Airport Property (Intermediate) Limited, Liverpool Airport Property Holdings Limited, Liverpool Airport Property Limited, Manchester Ship Canal Developments Advent Limited, Manchester Ship Canal Developments Limited, MSCD Advent Management Limited, No.1 MediaCity UK Management Company Limited, Northstone Development Holdings Limited, Northstone Development Limited, Peel Airports (Liverpool) Limited, Peel Group Management Limited, Peel Holdings (Management) Limited, Peel Investments (PHA) Limited, Peel L&P (Ports No.3) Limited, Peel L&P (Ports) Limited, Peel L&P Developments Limited, Peel L&P Group Management Limited, Peel L&P Investment Properties Limited, Peel L&P Investments (Intermediate) Limited, Peel L&P Investments (North) Limited, Peel L&P Investments and Property Limited, Peel L&P Land (Intermediate) Limited, Peel L&P Legacy (Wirral Waters) Limited, Peel L&P Property (Investments) Limited, Peel L&P Real Estate (Properties) Limited, Peel L&P Real Estate Developments Limited, Peel L&P Retail Developments Limited, Peel Land and Property Investments Plc, Peel Logistics Management Limited, Peel Media Living No.1 Limited, Peel Media Living No.2 Limited, Peel Partnerships Wirral Waters Limited, Peel South East Limited, Pemberton Commercial Management Company Limited, Princes Dock Development Company Limited, The City of Salford Community Stadium Limited, The Heart (MediaCity) Management Company Limited, The Quay (Flexible Office Space) Limited, The Saddlery Investments Limited, USP WW Limited, Wirral Waters Finance Limited, Wirral Waters Holdings No.1 Limited, Wirral Waters Land No.1 Limited
Membership - Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors

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Clive Barker (Trust Appointed)
Appointed: 09/05/23
Baker Dearing Trust: Director & Trustee
CSB Logistics Limited: Director
1 of 1
Owen McColgan (CEO THAT/Accounting Officer) Medway Academy of Performing Arts
(Partner from 03/01/2020)
Inspiring Change MAT
(Member from 12/12/2018)
Featherby Infants & Junior School
(Governor from 08/09/2020)
Ofsted Inspector
Past Governors who have served in the last 12 months
Lee Penford (Sponsor)
Appointed: 01/04/19
Term of office not renewed
BAE Systems 0 of 3
Amanda Cadam (Parent)
Appointed: 04/02/21
Resigned: 07/07/23
None declared 0 of 4
Jack Hawkins (Sponsor)
Appointed: 31/08/22
Resigned: 03/10/23
None Declared 0 of 4
Frances Akinde (Trust Appointed)
Appointed: 16/12/20
Resigned: 03/01/24
Rivermead School: Headteacher 1 of 4

Last Updated: 30th January 2024