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Ofsted and Results


Waterfront UTC was last inspected on January 10-11 2023. We are proud to have been rated "Good" in all areas of education. You can view our full report below:

Key Stage 4

Headline Figures for Student Outcomes (2021)

We are exceptionally pleased to announce that our GCSE performance this year showed great improvement, in many areas, compared to previous years.

Final exams were once again cancelled for the Summer 2021 season due to COVID and outcomes were based on Teacher Assessed Grades. The grades took an holistic approach to students work throughout their time at Waterfront UTC and evidence gathered from various sources, mock exams, in-class assessments, coursework, independent tasks and verbal discussions, led to a true reflection of the student's ability where NO student or parent disputed grades.

  • The overall average GCSE grade improved to be just below a Grade 4
  • HPA (High Prior Attainers) achieved an average of Grade 6 which is a significant improvement on previous years
  • Pupil Premium achieved inline with Non-Pupil Premium students and were a significant improvement on last year
  • 30% of students studying Computer Science achieved a Grade 5 or above and 50% of students studying Design Technology achieved a Grade 5 or above
  • Construction Average grade went up to a Distinction*- from a Pass
  • Significant Improvements in the percentage of students achieving Grade 4s+ - especially in Science, English Literature, Geography and Computer Science
  • Significant improvements in the percentage of students at Grade 5 and above in Maths - +15%
  • English, Maths and Science add over a grade in progress against expected outcomes
  • Nearly 8% of all GCSE+BTEC grades where at the highest grades possible of Grade 8/9 or Distinction and Distinction*
Outstanding Performances
  • Oliver - 1x Grade 9, 6x Dist*/Grade 8/Grade 7, 1 x Grade 6 = Equiv. 7x Grade A+ and a B Grade
  • Anthony - 7x Dist*/Dist/Grade 8/Grade 7, 2x Grade 6 = Equiv. 7x Grade A+ and a B Grade
  • Freya - 4x Dist*/Grade 8/Grade7, 3x Grade 6, 1x Grade 5 = Equiv. 4x Grade A+ and 4x Grade B

Key Stage 5

Headline Figures for Student Outcomes (2021)

Construction and Engineering continues to be a real strength of Waterfront UTC.

  • Construction Average grade went up to a Distinction*- from a Distinction
  • Improvements in Physics (average A/B UP from a C) and Maths (average an A UP from a D)
  • An increase of 13% in the number of A* - C or Distinction* - Merit grades being awarded, this equates to 10 grades
Outstanding Performances
  • Lorna - **D in Construction and B in Physics
  • Declan - A in Physics, A in Maths and C in DT
  • Ryan and Casey - Triple Distinction* in Construction
KS5 Retakes in English and Maths
  Cohort Size WUTC Outcomes National 2021
English 1 0% 42.3%
Maths 3 33% 38.6%

Out of the total cohort of four students, three students achieved a Grade 3 and one student achieved a Grade 5. 

DFE Performance