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Annabelle from Young Enterprise visited us this week to deliver a Grid for Good Programme to year 13 Construction and Engineering students. She was also accompanied with representatives from National Grid UK to help support the session.

During this masterclass, students were provided with tools to help with the application and interview process.

This included coaching for applications, face-to-face and digital interviews and assessment centres. Top tips were provided from the volunteers to give an in-depth understanding of each process and the best way for students to sell themselves.

Students were also prepped on STAR answers which are designed to support with interviews while also taking part in a survival exercise where team work, communication and problem solving were essential.

All students who took part were enthusiastic and engaged throughout and complimented the programme. They made use of the National Grid representatives and Annabelle to get the most out of this opportunity.

We look forward to arranging the next steps for the Young enterprise pathway and we'd like to thank Annabelle and those from National Grid who helped inspire and educate our students with the delivery of such a positive and informative session.