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The Universities and Colleges Admission Service (UCAS) is an independent charity which provides information and advice on educational progression (not just for those looking to apply for a place at University). 

The comprehensive website has information and links for all options including Apprenticeships and Taking a Gap Year, as well as all the tools that students need to help prepare them to make an application to university.

For those who have decided to apply for a place at university, the site contains the online application service.

We require ALL our students to complete the online application form regardless of whether that are going to university or not.  For those not planning on applying for a place on a Further Education course or for those who have not yet decided and plan to apply for an Apprenticeship, the online application form is a perfect resource to create a snapshot of your educational career so far. This resource is useful as a one-stop document which will make applications for Apprenticeships and Employment in the future an easier process.

Visit the UCAS website for fully comprehensive information about educational progression

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